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The one secret to every event is good keynote speakers which make or break your event. Your opening keynote sets the tone at the beginning and the closing keynote keeps people engaged until the very end.

Motivational Speaking &
Smashing ‘The Fear’

After a gruelling and intensive five-day physical and mental military selection board in 2002, Alan was told he had not made the cut to become a Physical Training Instructor in the Royal New Zealand Air Force. The RNZAF recruiting officers said he lacked confidence and public speaking skills. He was so nervous he couldn’t even say his full name correctly in front of the group. This was a turning point in Alan’s life. Today, he has spoken at hundreds of events, workshops, presentations, ceremonies, charity auctions, motivational keynotes and worked for three years as a local TV presenter and journalist.

What happened?  Learn the tricks of the trade by someone who has been there and conquered that mountain.